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If you own a gun, you are undoubtedly familiar with the importance of cleaning it religiously in order to protect it from rust and dust. However, what more important is the use of the right product to clean your firearm. Because if the product is not serving the purpose, it is useless.  

There are many solvents and oils which do a great job at cleaning the guns. Yes, you read that right. Both solvent and oil do their separate jobs to clean the firearm deeply. The former removes dust and debris, and the latter ensures that your gun is lubricated thoroughly. That said, let’s take a look at the best gun cleaners out there. 

1. No. 9 Hoppe’s Bore Cleaner – Gun Cleaning Solvent

With over 100 years in business, Hoppe’s has become the scientist for gun cleaning. The company has been serving with its product since 1903, ensuring the gun owners have thoroughly cleaned, lubricated guns protected from any metal fouling and rust. 

Hoppe’s gun cleaner is by far the best bore cleaner and is formulated to clean every kind of firearm by penetrating deep into the weapon. You can also use it with CLP cleaner for better cleaning results. But people also claim to achieve the same level of cleaning by using it as a solo cleaner. 

The best way to use Hoppe’s bore cleaner is to pair it with a bore snake. Though the cleaning kits mostly don’t come with a bore snake, it is best to buy one, as it is essential for gun cleaning. Also, it speeds up the cleaning process.  

If we talk about the smell, it is not strong like kerosene or gasoline. It is very mild and easily washes away without a struggle. But it does contain highly flammable kerosene, so make sure the room is well ventilated where you will clean the gun. 

2. Ballistol Multi-Purpose – Gun Cleaning Solvent

It is a universal cleaner, and aside from guns, you can clean about anything with this cleaner, be it a wooden surface, lock, knives, or any kind of tool. In addition, it is eco-friendly, meaning it does not contain carcinogens and does not harm the skin and environment. 

It is number two in our suggestion because it is rated as 4.8 on Amazon. Compared to Hoppes bore cleaner, it is slightly less penetrate able, which means where Hoppes cleaner uses five drops to clean and penetrate the gun, Ballistol uses seven drops. But the plus point for Ballistol, which makes it the best gun cleaner, is that it is eco-friendly. 

The scent of this cleaning solvent might not be the best as it smells strong. On the contrary, some people like how it smells, saying that it is a pleasant earthy scent. But it would be best if you handled it with care as it is highly flammable.   

3. Break-Free-CLP-2 & Break-Free-CLP-4 – Gun Cleaning Solvent

Our third recommendation for gun cleaning solvent is Break-Free either CLP-2 either or CLP-4. It also comes in a spray bottle which can be attached with a long straw to target the deeper areas of the weapon. This cleaning solvent is the most used cleaning solvent in the U.S. Army to clean tanks, rifles, and pistols. 

The reason this product is so popular and listed as one of the best gun cleaners is that it is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. This means due to its high viscosity, the wind (either hot or cold), saltwater, or dust particles will not be able to penetrate the layer of Break-Free gun cleaner.   

The CLP in the name stands for cleaning, lubricating, and protecting the firearm. Hence, after using this product, you will not need to lubricate the weapon with oil. The scent of this cleaning solvent is mild and interesting. It almost smells like banana tangerine, which is definitely not a bad smell.   

4. Lucas Gun Oil – Original and Extreme Duty 

The Lucas gun cleaning oil set comes with two products. The standard gun oil and extreme duty gun oil. You can purchase Lucan gun oil separately as well. If we talk about the standard gun oil, it protects the firearm from every kind of extreme weather condition. The oil formula clings to the parts of the weapon top to ensure complete heat and water resistance.  

The purpose behind the making of Lucas’s extreme duty oil was to prevent overheating and jamming in high-calibre guns, such as machine guns. The needle oiler of this bottle ensures precise application of the product with the less possible mess. 

Lucas gun oil is inexpensive, and the quality and features are impressive in such amount. It can also be used as a household. Remember, it is not a CLP or gun cleaning solvent. You have to use a CLP to clean your weapon first and later apply this oil. 

5. Hoppe’s No.9 – Gun Cleaning Lubricant

Hoppe’s No. 9 is another incredible gun cleaning product. As mentioned above, Hoppes has been around since 1903, and they are manufacturers of some of the best quality gun cleaning solvents and oils. This product is ranked by Amazon as #1 among the gun cleaning lubricants.  

Unlike other lubricants, this one is a synthetic product and it ensures to protect the weapon from any kind of exposure. This product was formulated in the United States with the purpose of making a lubricant for modern-day firearms. It ensures to protect the guns from wear and tear by creating a barrier against moisture and corrosion and friction. 

Not only guns but they can be used for lubrication on fishing reels and other mechanical equipment.  

6. The CLP by Sage & Braker

The CLP in this solvent stands for Clean, Lube, and Protect, and it serves this purpose perfectly. This solvent gives a flawless finish after use and, unlike many solvents, leaves no visible trace of oil.   

If your firearm attracts dust, then this cleaner is definitely for you. It miraculously stops the dust and cleans and lubes the gun at the same time. You will say this for yourself after using this cleaner. Additionally, it reduces the cleaning time by half. 

No matter what kind of cleaning you are going for, it gives incredible results each time. Either it is a regular clean or a deep clean, just use a brush or bore snake to get the work done. 

When you start using this cleaner, you will notice an improvement in your firearm. Your shots will be better and the overall performance of the internal parts of the gun improves as well. The reason is that this CLP improves heat dissipation resulting in a cooler weapon. How cool is that? 

7. Slip 2000 Ewl – Gun Cleaner and Lubricant 

If you want to save your gun from corroding, Ewl is the best option for you. This gun cleaning solvent was formulated for weather conditions like extreme cold, humid, or hot climates. Many CLP products cannot withstand such severe weather conditions and turn into melted goo-like texture when exposed. 

It is often said that this product is five times wetter than an average lubricant. Which also helps to reduce the cleaning time by 50%. After using this product, forget about the dust, debris, or other foreign bodies getting stuck to your gun.  

Many YouTube gun enthusiasts and other shooters recommend this product and use it personally, too. This cleaner is non-toxic and does not harm wood, plastic, or any other part of the firearm. It is also safe for the skin and the environment.  It reduces the friction in the weapon, thereby increasing the time span. 

8. Pro-Shot – Needle Oiler

Many people prefer needle oilers to clean their guns as they provide precise and better access when it comes to cleaning the weapon. When compared to Hoppe’s needle oiler, there is no significant difference. This oiler is less expensive and also is better in colour. So, if you are considering buying Hoppe’s needle oiler, buy this one instead. 

This gun cleaning oil is made in the United States. It is anti-oxidants and provides smooth protection against rust and metal feeling. It spreads out on the surface of the gun and makes an even protective layer. If you are wondering about its smell, then don’t worry. The smell of this oil is the same as ordinary cleaning oil. You can easily use it in your house or room without worry. 

Final Words

Though the above-mentioned and explained gun cleaning solvents and oils are all best in their own way, and they all serve the purpose of cleaning, lubricating, and protecting the guns, we would like to share and recommend our personal favourite best gun cleaner.    We recommend No.9 Hoppe’s Bore Cleaner or Ballistol Gun Cleaning Solvent and Lucas Gun Oil. They are best at cleaning and lubricating the guns. These are our picks, but you should always choose the product according to your likings.

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While some people collect coins, others collect guns. There are so many expensive guns from
many firearms manufacturing companies. But when history and diamonds involve in anything,
the product becomes almost priceless.
That said, the most expensive guns in the world are listed below, which are manufactured by
some big names in the firearms world, like Fabbri, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Holland & Holland,
and Purdey. All of these guns have a fascinating story to tell about their owner or manufacturer.

1.The Pistols of George Washington – $1,986,000

The pistols owned by the first president of the United States of America are the first most
expensive guns. These pistols date from the Revolutionary War, and there’s no doubt that they
saw action as the founding fathers fought valiantly for the country’s independence.
The Richard King Mellon Foundation purchased them at Christie’s in 2002, and they are now
on display at Fort Ligonier in Pennsylvania, where everyone can see and enjoy them.

2. Colt Revolver (Model 1849) – $1,010,000

The designers crafted the stunning Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver with the aim of creating a more compact and modernized firearm, thereby making this pistol one of Colt’s most popular percussion pistols ever produced.

Because of its dependability, the Model 1849 was very popular with the general public. Exquisite craftsmanship inlayed gold onto this famous revolver model, elevating its price to $1.1 million and positioning it as one of the most expensive guns globally.

 3.  The singing bird pistols – $5,800,000

About twenty-five years ago, Christie’s auctioned off these pistols for $1,000,000. They sold the pistols for a mountainous $5,800,000 in May 2011. As an upshot, they are the most expensive guns in the world. The Frères Rochat made these pistols of genuine gold and embellished them with diamonds, enamel, agate, and precious stones in the 1820s for the Chinese market.
However, they manufactured only a limited number of pistols, and today, people believe that only one matching pair exists.

4. The Guns of Bonnie and Clyde – $504,000

A well-known criminal couple, Bonnie and Clyde, performed organized crimes, particularly bank robberies, for which they were best known. They also looted small businesses and gas stations in remote regions.

The criminal couple, who were popularly considered the pioneers of selfies, were shot to death, leaving their guns behind. Their associated notoriety made the guns some of the most expensive ones, and they sold them for $504,000 at a New Hampshire auction in 2012.

5. Percussion Pistols by Brun of Paris – $373,750

This pair of guns features gold and silver plating, with raised three-dimensional embellishments covering them. Meticulously sculpted figures of various creatures, both natural and mythical, adorn the trigger guard, pommel caps, lock plates, and hammers of these pistols. Floral motifs are present throughout the parts, as well as carved into the ebony grips.

The International Exhibition of 1862, also known as the Great London Exposition, featured this deluxe-cased pair of 45 calibre French percussion pistols made by Brun of Paris. The exhibition’s jury praised the set and bestowed awards on it. It was sold for $373,750. 

6. The Smith & Wesson Revolver – $350,000

The Smith & Wesson revolver, which killed Jesse James and ranked among the most expensive guns, occupies the third position on our list. Jesse James was a well-known outcast who committed numerous bank and train robberies with his notorious gang. He was a legendary figure from the Wild West era, active between the mid and late 1800s.  Jesse James and his infamous gang were suspected of robbing over 20 banks and stealing over $200,000. Later, one of his gang members eventually killed him with a 44-calibre Smith & Wesson revolver. The gun was auctioned for $350,000 in 2003 in California.

7. The Colt Walker Revolver – $250,000

This gun, sometimes referred to as a Walker Colt, holds the title of being one of the most expensive guns globally, with an estimated value of $250,000.  In 1846, Samuel Colt designed the gun based on specifications provided by Captain Samuel Hamilton Walker. 

The classic old-fashioned revolver has a cylindrical rotating compartment for holding bullets.It contains up to six shots, which contain six charges of black powder underneath them. People now regard the gun as one of the most desirable weapons in the world.

8. The Golden Walther of Hitler – $114,000

The antique gun used by Adolf Hitler is second on the list. American soldiers recovered it from his Munich apartment in 1945, at the end of World War II. Carl Walther gave Hitler this pistol as a gift for his 50th birthday. 

The weapon had a lot of inscriptions and decorations on it. Scribblers wrote ‘AH’ across the white ivory grips. The gun passed through several owners over the years before auctioning it off in 1987 for USD 114,000. This marked the highest price ever paid at an auction for military memorabilia at the time.

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