The Ruger SR22 22LR with a threaded barrel presents shooters with a versatile and customizable rimfire pistol designed for precision and adaptability. Engineered to accommodate a wide range of accessories, including suppressors and muzzle devices, this firearm offers shooters the flexibility to tailor their shooting experience to their preferences. Let’s explore what makes the Ruger SR22 Threaded Barrel edition a standout choice for enthusiasts:

Enhanced Suppressor Compatibility:

The Ruger SR22 with a threaded barrel allows shooters to easily attach suppressors or other muzzle devices, enhancing shooting comfort and reducing noise levels. Whether for recreational shooting or discreet training sessions, the threaded barrel design offers shooters the option to customize their firearms for a quieter and more enjoyable shooting experience.

Precision Performance:

Despite its threaded barrel, the Ruger SR22 maintains the precision accuracy, and reliable performance that Ruger firearms are known for. Equipped with a 3.5″ barrel and adjustable sights, this pistol ensures consistent shot placement and tight groupings, whether shooting suppressed or unsuppressed. From plinking at the range to competitive shooting, the SR22 Threaded Barrel edition delivers the accuracy and reliability shooters demand.

Chambered in 22LR:

Chambered in the popular .22LR caliber, the Ruger SR22 offers shooters an economical and enjoyable shooting experience. The 22LR cartridge boasts minimal recoil and affordable ammunition costs, making it perfect for extended shooting sessions or training purposes. Additionally, its mild recoil makes it suitable for shooters of all ages and skill levels, making the SR22 Threaded Barrel edition a versatile choice for a wide range of shooters.

Ergonomic Design:

In addition to its threaded barrel, the Ruger SR22 features Ruger’s signature ergonomic design for enhanced comfort and control. The pistol boasts an ergonomic grip frame and textured grip panels, ensuring a secure and comfortable hold for shooters of all hand sizes. Ambidextrous controls and a reversible magazine release further enhance the pistol’s versatility and ease of use.

Customization Options:

The Ruger SR22 Threaded Barrel edition offers shooters the ability to customize their firearm with a variety of accessories, including suppressors, compensators, and muzzle brakes. With its threaded barrel design, this pistol provides shooters with the flexibility to tailor their shooting experience to their preferences, whether for improved accuracy, reduced recoil, or enhanced aesthetics.


In conclusion, the Ruger SR22 22LR with a threaded barrel combines Ruger’s renowned reliability with enhanced customization options, offering shooters a versatile and adaptable rimfire pistol. Whether shooting suppressed or unsuppressed. With its chambered-in 22LR, ergonomic design, and customizable features, this edition is an ideal choice for shooters seeking a personalized shooting experience.