The Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite Black & Gold Threaded Barrel .22LR embodies the perfect blend of precision engineering and stylish design, offering shooters an exceptional rimfire pistol experience. Renowned for its accuracy, reliability, and customizable features, this firearm stands as a testament to Ruger’s commitment to innovation and craftsmanship.

Precision Performance:

Ruger Lite engineers for unparalleled accuracy and consistency. Featuring a 5.5″ threaded barrel, this pistol delivers precise shot placement and exceptional performance at the range. Its blowback action and adjustable sights ensure shooters achieve optimal accuracy with every shot, making it a favorite among target shooters and competitive marksmen.

Striking Aesthetics:

The Black & Gold finish of the Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite adds a touch of sophistication and style to its rugged design. The combination of black and gold accents creates a visually striking appearance that stands out on the range or in a collection.

Threaded Barrel for Customization:

Equipped with a threaded barrel, the Ruger Mark Lite offers shooters the opportunity for customization and accessory attachment. The threaded barrel of the firearm enables shooters to customize their weapon by attaching suppressors for reduced noise or compensators for better muzzle control, adapting to their preferences and shooting technique. This versatility ensures that the Mark IV 22/45 Lite can adapt to various shooting scenarios with ease.

Trusted Ruger Reliability:

As a product of Ruger, the Mark IV 22/45 Lite upholds the company’s reputation for quality, durability, and reliability. Ruger firearms are known for their rugged construction and consistent performance, making them a trusted choice among shooters worldwide.


In conclusion, the Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite Black & Gold Threaded Barrel .22LR offers shooters exceptional accuracy and elegant design. It boasts a lightweight design. Precision accuracy is a hallmark. Its appearance is striking. The threaded barrel allows for customization. Shooters can rely on Ruger’s trusted reliability. Altogether, this firearm ensures an exceptional shooting experience.