In the realm of concealed carry firearms, the Mossberg MC1sc 9mm with VIRIDIAN® Laser emerges as a formidable combination of reliability, precision, and cutting-edge technology. Boasting Mossberg’s renowned craftsmanship and the added advantage of a VIRIDIAN® laser sight, this firearm offers shooters increased accuracy and confidence in any situation. Let’s delve into what makes the Mossberg MC1sc 9mm with VIRIDIAN® Laser a standout choice for concealed carry:

Laser Precision for Target Acquisition:

The addition of the VIRIDIAN® laser sight elevates the Mossberg MC1sc 9mm to new heights of precision. Whether in daylight or low-light conditions, the laser provides a visible aiming point, allowing shooters to acquire targets quickly and accurately. This enhanced visibility enhances shooter confidence and ensures precise shot placement, making it an invaluable asset in self-defense scenarios.

Compact and Concealable Design:

Despite its advanced laser technology, the Mossberg MC1sc 9mm with VIRIDIAN® Laser remains compact and lightweight, making it ideal for concealed carry. Its slim profile and ergonomic grip ensure comfortable and discreet carry, while its lightweight construction minimizes fatigue during extended periods of carry. With its compact size and smooth contours, this firearm can be easily concealed under clothing, ensuring readiness without sacrificing comfort or mobility.

Mossberg Reliability and Performance:

Built on Mossberg’s proven MC1sc platform, the 9mm with VIRIDIAN® Laser delivers the same exceptional reliability and performance that shooters have come to expect from Mossberg firearms. Equipped with a match-grade barrel and a crisp, clean trigger, this firearm offers precise shot placement and consistent accuracy. Its low-profile sights provide quick target acquisition, complementing the laser sight for enhanced aiming capabilities.

Enhanced Safety and Control:

In addition to its precision aiming capabilities, the Mossberg MC1sc 9mm with VIRIDIAN® Laser prioritizes shooter safety and control. The ergonomic grip and textured surface ensure a secure and comfortable hold, allowing for confident handling and recoil management. Additionally, its extended beavertail grip safety enhances safety and control, ensuring a reliable grip and preventing unintended discharges.


In conclusion, the VIRIDIAN® Laser offers shooters the perfect blend of reliability, precision, and concealability for concealed carry. With its advanced laser technology, compact design, reliable performance, and enhanced safety features, this firearm provides shooters with the confidence and peace of mind they need to navigate their daily lives securely. Whether used for personal protection or as a backup firearm, the Mossberg MC1sc 9mm with VIRIDIAN® Laser is a trusted companion for those who demand excellence in their concealed carry firearms.