The Glock 42 .380ACP Pistol, featuring a 6-round magazine and fixed sights, the essence of compact reliability. Renowned for simplicity and durability the Glock 42 is a favored choice for those seeking a handgun for personal protection. In this review, we’ll explore the features, advantages, and practical applications of the Glock 42. A trusted companion in the world of compact handguns.


  1. .380 ACP Caliber: The Glock 42 is chambered in the popular .380 ACP cartridge, known for its manageable recoil and sufficient stopping power for self-defense situations. The .380 ACP round strikes a balance between effectiveness and controllability, making it suitable for shooters of all skill levels.
  2. Compact Size: With its slim profile and reduced dimensions, the Glock 42 is designed for comfortable concealed carry and discreet use. Its compact frame and lightweight construction make it easy to carry all day, while its snag-free design ensures quick and smooth draws from concealment.
  3. 6-Round Magazine: Supplied with a 6-round magazine, the Glock 42 offers users ample firepower for personal protection. While the magazine capacity is limited for compactness, the Glock 42’s single-stack magazine design ensures a slim profile for easy concealment, making it an ideal choice for everyday carry.
  4. Fixed Sights: The Glock 42 comes equipped with fixed sights, providing users with a simple and reliable aiming solution. The fixed sights offer consistent sight picture and alignment, ensuring shooters can quickly acquire their target in any lighting conditions or shooting scenarios.

Practical Applications

  1. Concealed Carry: The Glock 42 is an ideal choice for concealed carry, offering users a compact and reliable defensive firearm. Its small size, lightweight construction, and manageable recoil make it easy to carry comfortably all day, while its .380 ACP caliber provides sufficient stopping power for personal protection.
  2. Backup Firearm: Law enforcement officers and security professionals often rely on the Glock 42 as a backup firearm due to its compact size and compatibility with standard duty ammunition. Whether carried as a secondary firearm on duty or kept as a backup during off-duty hours, the Glock 42 provides an additional layer of security in critical situations.
  3. Home Defense: While compact in size, the Glock 42 is still a capable defensive firearm for home protection. Its .380 ACP caliber offers sufficient stopping power for close-quarters encounters, while its compact dimensions make it easy to maneuver in confined spaces, such as hallways and rooms.