For owners of the iconic ASC 1911 45acp, ensuring reliable performance and comfortable handling is paramount. Magazines play a crucial role in achieving this goal, and the ASC 1911 .45 ACP 7-round magazine bumper serves as a valuable accessory for optimizing both performance and comfort.

Improved Grip and Control

The ASC 1911 .45 ACP 7-round magazine bumper is designed to provide shooters with enhanced grip and control over their firearm. Crafted from durable rubber material, the magazine bumper serves as an extension to the base of the magazine, providing shooters with a larger gripping surface and better purchase during firing.

With the addition of the magazine bumper, shooters can achieve a more secure and comfortable hold on their 1911 pistol, reducing fatigue and improving accuracy. Whether engaging targets at the range or defending against threats in real-world scenarios, the ASC magazine bumper ensures shooters maintain control of their firearm in any situation.

Protection Against Impact

In addition to improving grip and control, the ASC 1911 magazine bumper also serves to protect the magazine from impact and damage during handling and reloading. The rubber construction of the bumper absorbs shock and vibration, minimizing the risk of cracks or dents that can compromise magazine integrity.

Furthermore, the magazine bumper helps to prevent the magazine from slipping or sliding on hard surfaces, reducing the likelihood of accidental drops or damage to the feed lips. This added protection ensures that the magazine remains in optimal condition, maintaining reliable feeding and functionality over time.

Easy Installation and Compatibility

Installing the ASC 1911 .45 ACP 7-round magazine bumper is a straightforward process that requires no special tools or expertise. Simply slide the bumper onto the base of the magazine until it clicks into place, ensuring a secure and snug fit.

The magazine bumper is designed to be compatible with most standard 1911 .45 ACP magazines, offering shooters a versatile and practical accessory for their firearm. Whether you’re using factory magazines or aftermarket options, the ASC magazine bumper provides a universal solution for enhancing performance and comfort.


In conclusion, the ASC 1911 .45 ACP 7-round magazine bumper serves as a valuable accessory for 1911 enthusiasts seeking to optimize the performance and comfort of their firearm. With its durable rubber construction, improved grip and control, and added protection against impact, the magazine bumper enhances the shooting experience for shooters of all levels.

Whether you’re engaging targets on the range, participating in competitive shooting matches, or carrying for personal defense, the ASC magazine bumper ensures you have the confidence and reliability you need to succeed. Invest in the ASC 1911 magazine bumper and experience the difference it makes in your shooting experience with the legendary 1911 pistol.